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ad 3■.1 million users."Al〓though shopping■ for home applian○ces online is a 〓new phenomenon●, sellers are ■already maki●ng their way towar◆d fulfilli

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ng great○ potential in the f◆uture.The ■country's stimulus○ policies are pro〓ving effective. Fi◆gures from China◆'s Ministry of Fi◆nance s

how rural con■sumption increased ●dramaticall◆y during the first○ half of th■e year.Figures s〓how China s■old 12.8 million h〓ome appliance■s

since it laun■ched its subsidy s●cheme. The g〓overnment has○ paid out nea●rly 1.8 billion y〓uan in subsidies. So● far, the cou●ntry has al

r sales vol◆ume last ye

loca○ted nearly ◆13 billion yuan f◆or this year's ru■ral home app◆liance prog●ram and rural ■auto stimulus pa●ckage. Zhang Shaoc◆hun, Vice Finance M〓inister said "D●uring the first ha●lf of 2009, sales●

volume of ●rural home ap●pliances more● than tripled from t●he annual figure fo●r 2008. The ●figure for Ju◆ne alone was 3 〓times higher○ than in F○ebruary." Figures○ also show retai●l sales of cons〓umer goods i■n rural region◆s up 16 percent year◆-on-year. That■'s 2 percentage po●ints higher th◆an in

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ady h●it 100 milli■oLab Equipment

o■n, including replaci◆ng old cars and hom■e appliances with ne〓w ones. Commer

ce M■inister Chen D■eming says 2●.7 million vehicl●es and 90 millio〓n units of hom○e applianc■es are due ◆to be scrap●ped this year. I■f all of the〓se appliances an〓d vehicles

ar●e replaced◆ by new ones,◆ consumption ●will exceed 〓500 billion yuan◆. He says the new ■policies will〓 boost consumpt○ion, e

year. By the en◆d of Integrated Science

mploy〓ment, and help to■ develop the nation'■s recycling● system. He said●:"This year,○ the central governm○ent put as●ide 6 billion y

u○an to support tr◆ade in the domestic〓 market. That i◆s unprecedente●d. It also allocat■ed 5 billion y■uan to support repla■cing old auto and 2● billion yuan fo◆r

home appliances to■ be replaced with n〓ew ones." ◆BEIJING, Ju〓ly 13 (Xin●hua) China's lea